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What is the Difference Between a WordPress Designer and Developer? What is the Difference Between a WordPress Designer and Developer? What is the Difference Between a WordPress Designer and Developer? Paradigm Marketing and Design
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What is the Difference Between a WordPress Designer and Developer?

Author: Kaitlyn Partington Category: Web Design Date: October 17, 2020

A magnifying glass over WordPress home page on computer screen with cursor pointing to Plugins

Are you looking to revamp your current website, or to create a brand-new professional website for your business? There are a lot of factors that go into making the decision to hire a marketing web professional. Understanding the difference between a WordPress design and a developer is one of them. At a high level, the difference between a WordPress designer and a developer is simple. The WordPress designer provides you with a customized look to your website, pulling in features unique to your brand that highlight your marketing message. A developer is the one that puts that design into action, creating a coded and functional site for users to find the information they need to contact you to hopefully become a customer.

Web Design Vs Web Development

These two processes work very closely together but require a different set of resources and skills. The differences between a web designer and a front-end developer make for a beautiful, functional, and strategic website in the end. Now, that you understand the high-level differences between a WordPress designer and a developer, let’s get to the specifics of what web design vs web development looks like, so you can hire the right person for each side of the web process. 

Web Design

This is the process of creating a theme around your brand. This theme will be customized to fit your brand from the colors and fonts to layout and specialty elements such as a photo gallery, a contact form or a video. The job of the website designer is to catapult your brand to the next level, helping you to drive conversions by attracting individuals to interact with your site. You may have come across in your research a term called a front-end developer. The term front-end does refer to the view that your user/customer will see on the site. However, there are major differences between a web designer and a front-end developer. A front-end developer takes the design elements created by your web designer, codes the elements, and makes them interactive and functional for the user/customer. Think of your web designer as the architect of your website and the web developer as your construction company. The web designer will create a design plan for your website, and the web developer uses that plan to create a live website.

Web Development

When asking yourself “what is the difference between design and development,” it is important to note that these functions are two sides of the same coin, both must work together in order to ensure a cohesive marketing platform for your business. A web developer codes the blueprints created by the web designer, making the design a real interactive and engagement website for your customers to click, read, learn, and contact you. There are many types of developers as there are various types of website platforms. One popular platform for websites is called WordPress. What is a WordPress developer vs a web developer? A WordPress developer is one that codes within the platform of WordPress specifically, whereas a web developer is the general terminology for someone who codes websites. Developers use the design template provided by the designer as the foundation for their coding. They make the live website look exactly like the photo of the design. Web developers take the site one step further, adding functionality to enable users to click links and buttons, scroll through photos, click to view your social media or to give your users the ability to fill out a contact form to reach out to you for questions or new business. This is the most crucial difference between WordPress Designers and Developers. 

Understanding the Differences between WordPress Designers and Developers

Although there are a variety of differences between WordPress designers and developers, these differences make for a cohesive, strategic, and interactive website to help elevate your brand and increase conversions. The goal of each of these services is to help your brand stand out and succeed. It is not a choice between web design vs web development, but rather making sure you know the differences between WordPress designers and developers to help you hire the right professionals for the job.

At Paradigm, the difference between a WordPress design and developer is clear, which is why we have a comprehensive team that consists of talented designers who work hand in hand with our web developers. Instead of having competing teams of web design vs web development, our team collaborates on all website projects to ensure the best quality website imaginable. When looking to hire for your website project, make sure it isn’t a decision between a web designer or a web developer, but rather a conversation about finding the right web designer AND the right web developer for you.

Contact us today to learn more about our website design and development process and how we can help create the perfect website for your business. 

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