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Our Mission


We are experts at all areas of marketing. Our team masterfully blends creativity, technology, and strategy with data-backed insights and a fierce drive for flawless execution.

We practice building authentic relationships – that means we are not order takers & we are not afraid to say no if we believe something is not in our clients’ best interest. What we are is a trusted partner. Our team of thought leaders communicate transparently, challenge assumptions, and inspire innovation.

Guided by a proven methodology, approach, and processes, we deliver purpose-driven marketing solutions that support business growth, maximize profit potential, and improve lives.


We aspire to build an environment that fosters self-fulfillment in our work, a commitment to continuous growth, learning and support within our team, and empowerment to challenge the status quo through thought leadership.

We operate with the core belief that every action we take in supporting our team and our clients has a reverberating impact on the lives of everyone we touch.

We know that profit drives possibility—to supports families, fulfill dreams, and create infinite opportunities—and we are committed to helping our clients turn those possibilities into reality.

Our Core Values


We are committed to fostering an environment that celebrates strengths, encourages healthy debate and ensures everyone feels valued and respected. We are committed to giving team members the resources and support they need to thrive while instilling the confidence to make their voices heard.


We believe that growth happens through an evolutionary series of successes and failures. Our commitment to learning is demonstrated by a desire to teach and learn from one another, and continuous advancement through mentorships, coaching, and formal training programs that support personal and professional development.


We define excellence not only by the quality of the work we deliver, but also in the experiences we create and the trust that’s cultivated along the way. Fueled by an unrelenting desire to deliver on our promises, communicate transparently, and surpass expectations, we are always looking for opportunities to improve on our journey of excellence.


Grounded in the understanding that we are smarter together than we are alone, we rely on one another to share our knowledge and offer insight. This allows us to consider all points of view as we work together to develop strategies, solve problems, craft solutions, and achieve goals.


We operate with an agile mindset that allows us to bend and shift to accommodate the individual needs of our employees. Offering flexible work arrangements in an environment that embodies respect and support, we are committed to helping our team members thrive, both at work and in their personal lives.

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Paradigm Marketing and Design Over the past 7 years, Paradigm Marketing and Design has evolved into a complete turnkey agency, but this award winning shop is still small enough to give clients the individual attention and hands-on, detail oriented services they need to be confident in their marketing effort and competitive in their industries.
330 Changebridge Rd. Suite #101 Pine Brook, NJ 07058, USA
Rachel Phone: 973-250-4995