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Our Why

We Believe. We Care. We Understand.

At Paradigm Marketing and Design, we believe in putting people before profit. Not only is it proper ethics, it’s also good business. By committing ourselves to this principle and choosing to work with colleagues, partners and clients who share our common values, we continue to experience tremendous personal, professional and financial growth.

Above all, we care about the successes of our clients and partners, and we take great pride in the work we do for them each day. After all, their success supports our success. This ideal is at the foundation of our values, and it directly translates into the work we do.

We also understand that together we can achieve more. So we seek likeminded professionals to grow, collaborate, and connect with us as we work to build and expand our network of skilled, accomplished, and motivated individuals.

Vision statement

We aspire to build an environment that fosters self-fulfillment in our work and a commitment to continuous growth, learning, and support within our team. In doing this, we are equipped as an organization to provide superior marketing expertise, innovation, and service to our clients so they may achieve success.

WE MAKE AN IMPACT through knowledge and collaboration by delivering purpose-driven marketing solutions, website development, and creative design.


In providing our clients with the support they need to thrive, we recognize that our actions influence our clients’ success – and we take that responsibility very seriously. So when our clients come to us with a request, we’re always ready with a solution.


We welcome new challenges, explore new perspectives, and take intense pride in the quality of the work we deliver. Through constant learning and cooperation, we continue to cultivate a team of critical thinkers and problem solvers who are exceptional in their areas of expertise.


Every deliverable – whether it’s as small as a single Tweet or as vast as a website overhaul – is logically defined in the marketing plan and clearly carries through the brand messaging and identity.


We take a vested interest in our clients’ success.

We strive every day to support our clients in achieving their business goals by ensuring that we’re always accessible, responsive, informed, and proactive.


We support our team members in all things.

We believe in a healthy lifestyle and a positive work-life balance, and we support one another unequivocally.  When one team member is overwhelmed, there is another to lend support.  We operate on the foundation of understanding and integrity – encouraging a trusting and supportive work environment.


We strive for excellence in everything we do.

We take pride in the value of the services we deliver.  We’re constantly seeking opportunities for improvement, we only make promises we can keep, and we stand firmly behind the quality of our work.

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Paradigm Marketing and Design Over the past 7 years, Paradigm Marketing and Design has evolved into a complete turnkey agency, but this award winning shop is still small enough to give clients the individual attention and hands-on, detail oriented services they need to be confident in their marketing effort and competitive in their industries.
330 Changebridge Rd. Suite #101 Pine Brook, NJ 07058, USA
Rachel Phone: 973-250-4995