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CRM and Salesforce Software Training for Beginners

You have the best technologies and workflows in place to support your business goals. Your employees know how to use them to stay productive, boost efficiencies, and support smooth business processes. But what happens when new employees come on board? How do you get each new staff member acclimated to your systems without taking time away from your own priorities?

CRM Training

For your systems to do what they’re supposed to do to drive efficiency, save time and produce actionable insights, all users must be well versed in them. At Paradigm, we offer CRM and Salesforce software training for new employees (and veterans who need a refresh) to arm them with the knowledge and skills they need to get up to speed on the relevant technologies quickly.

We’ll customize a CRM user training program that works for your organization—from live one-on-one training to group training and more. If you’re growing rapidly or tend to see frequent turnover, we’ll even partner with you to create a video library of evergreen content that you can use over and over again, as needed. In other words, whatever your training needs, we’ve got you covered.

For more information about how we can customize a CRM and Salesforce training program specific to your needs, contact us here. 

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