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Small Business Password Management Services

Small Business Password Management Services

As technology adoption continues to grow in a post-pandemic world, data is being stored across more networks than ever before—which creates increased vulnerability to unauthorized access. The current technology environment and the growing attack surface is a breeding ground for bad actors who are on the lookout for new flaws in organizations’ security posture. The use of passwords is your best defense against cybercriminals looking to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Consider this: up to 80% of data breaches are caused by weak, reused, or compromised passwords. Given the fact that 61% of businesses don’t apply basic password security techniques, it should come as no surprise that more than 54% of businesses have seen a rise in cybercrime threats since the workforce went remote.* While most organizations understand the essential role good password hygiene plays in minimizing the risk of breaches, password management is too overwhelming to maintain for many businesses.

The Benefits of Using a Password Management System

Password management refers to a set of sustainable guidelines that keeps passwords secure—from conception through discontinuation. Using sustainable practices to secure and manage passwords, a company-wide password management program makes it easy for users to safeguard their credentials against unauthorized access while protecting the organization from devastating breaches. At Paradigm Marketing and Design, we offer small business password management services that can help you safely and effortlessly manage your passwords.

With our password management services, you will benefit from:

  • Robust security: Our password management solutions can create random, high-strength passwords for all your websites and applications
  • A boost in efficiency and productivity: An effective password management system means no more searching for passwords, resetting forgotten passwords, or using the same unsecure password over and over just so you can remember it
  • Industry compliance: With the ability to create usage auditing and event reporting, you can maintain industry compliance with SOC, HIPAA, DPA, FINRA, GDPR, and more
  • Privacy: Password management solutions allow you to create role-based access or user-based access controls to limit which employees have access to certain passwords
  • Easy access across various devices: Our password management services include Cloud Sync, which allows secure access across various platforms and devices
  • Security reports: Our password management solutions make it easy to run reports so you can audit when passwords are being reused or are not strong enough

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A strong password management program creates a powerful protective barrier between your data and cybercriminals. Ultimately, it comes down to how well your organization manages passwords and trains employees on proper password protocol to minimize human error and accidental negligence that puts the organization at risk.

To learn more about how Paradigm Marketing and Design’s small business password management services can help you protect your company’s sensitive data, contact us here.

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